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Sexual harassment often ignored

Federally funded schools and universities consistently fail to address student complaints and concerns about sex discrimination, according to a study released Thursday by the American Association of University Women Legal Advocacy Fund (AAUW LAF).

The study revealed that sexual harassment was the most common Title IX complaint, and found that more than half of the cases alleged sexual harassment of students by teachers and faculty.

Title IX is the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funds. "The research discredits the popular myth that Title IX protects only women and girls," says AAUW LAF director Patty McCabe. "Almost one-third of the complainants over the four-year investigation period were male."

NYU grad students vote to unionize

new york - Graduate students at New York University voted 619-551 to form a union. The results were revealed Thursday, resolving a disputed process that began when the students voted in April.

The vote makes NYU grad students the first at any private university in the country to unionize. The tally was held up for months while the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) deliberated on the students' right to unionize, and then further delayed by a dispute over some votes.

The NLRB's landmark ruling three weeks ago overturned a two-decades-old precedent. It remains unclear whether the university will recognize the union, though it could be brought to court if it refuses to do so.

Survey ranks college presidents' pay

boston - The salaries of private university presidents continued to rise in 1998-99, according to a survey by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The median compensation at 37 US research institutions was $393,288, up 3 percent from the previous year, the survey found. The former president of Williams College, Harry Payne, topped the list with $878,222 in salary and benefits when he received a special departure package. The No. 2 earner was Judith Rodin of the University of Pennsylvania, who received $655,557.

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