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Washington isn't one of the states where last week's presidential election was - as the expression goes - razor close. Good thing, too. Because two sealed and seemingly official vote-by-mail ballots from there ended up being delivered not to a local government office where they could be counted, but to a private home in the city of Odense ... in Denmark. No word yet on how that could have happened.


In Stockholm, narcotics police are under orders to ignore the very place where the prospect of finding illegal drugs or users might be especially promising. Published reports say tomorrow night's Europe Music Awards gala - to be attended by rock, pop, and rap artists from around the world - is off limits to the drug cops because organizers didn't want arrests "of this category of people" since that could "cause scandals." The event will be policed by beat officers from the precinct where the host arena is located.

'Charlie's Angels' keeps its aura over the box office

In its second week in release, "Charlie's Angels" easily fended off new competition. "Little Nicky," starring Adam Sandler, had to settle for a second-place debut. "Men of Honor," based on a true story from the Navy, opened at No. 3. But the reign of "Charlie's Angels" is expected to end next weekend with the premiere of one of the year's most anticipated movies: Jim Carrey in "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The top-grossing movies (in millions) at North American theaters for the Veterans Day holiday weekend, according to box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations Inc.:

1. Charlie's Angels $24.6

2. Little Nicky 16.0

3. Men of Honor 13.3

4. Meet the Parents 10.3

5. Red Planet 8.7

6. The Legend of Bagger Vance 6.3

7. Remember the Titans 5.1

8. Pay It Forward 3.0

9. Billy Elliot 2.6

10. Bedazzled 2.5

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