What: Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen are setting out this week to be the first women to cross Antarctica. This site allows kids (and interested adults) to follow along.

BEST POINTS: Both Ms. Bancroft and Ms. Arnesen are seasoned explorers. This trip, however, was inspired largely by educational goals. They will be transmitting e-mails along the 2,400-mile route, a journey of about 100 days. The interactive site allows kids to e-mail Bancroft and Arnesen, track their trip via GPS (the satellite-based Global Positioning System), and view photos and videos from the world's coldest continent. Schools can register with the expedition. Teachers can also click on "curriculum" for free access to numerous lesson plans, ranging from Antarctic art and cooking to goal-setting and weather.

Several videos on the site give a window into the expedition. In one, the two explorers demonstrate the parasailing technique they'll use to propel their skis when the wind allows it.

What YOU NEED TO KNOW: Myprimetime is the "Webcast partner" for the expedition; it will be providing the photo and e-mail updates.

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