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The all-New York World Series has generated serious boos and cheers from readers. Going into last night's game, the Yankees led the series, 3-1.

The "subway series" is a dream come true for any New York fan. I'm a Yankees fan, my wife is a Mets fan. Her parents are Mets fans, mine are Yankee fanatics. Sure, there's tension among the family, but it makes things more exciting. We attended a wedding this past weekend in Manhattan, and during the reception we were all glued to a small TV to watch the first game of the series.

Even though we were cheering for different teams, the series probably brought us closer together.

Joseph Golini New York

What is perhaps more discouraging for me as a non-New-Yorker is that this isn't the most exciting matchup. Many people griped about Florida and Cleveland in the World Series in 1997; why can't I gripe about this one?

The problem for me isn't that it's the Yankees and Mets. The boredom is that it's New York vs. New York. There isn't even a possible regional connection here. I am excited about excellent pitching and great hitting. As to the all-New York aspect - I do take comfort in the fact that one New York team will lose. Grim optimism, that.

Kendal Bond Eugene, Ore.

When my beloved Cardinals were bounced from the playoffs by the Mets, the baseball season ended for me. Large-market teams like those in New York seem to dominate many pro sports and this series is a perfect example. Since New Yorkers seem to believe that civilization ends at their state border, the rest of the American outback will find other things to do and watch.

New Yorkers won't care if other fans watch anyway, they'll do enough cheering and jeering for all of us. New York will be the warmest place in the US for the week of the series with all that hot air racing about.

Mac Estes St. Louis

It's a Boston Red Sox fan's worst nightmare: all-New York, all the time. And it looks like the dreaded Yankees will win.

Leanna Moore Boston

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