Vote Early and Vote Often

What's the best way to counter the cynicism and apathy that results in declining voter turnout? Raise up a new generation of informed, committed citizens. That type of citizen votes.

That could sound daunting. But here's a simple way to start: If you're a parent, take your under-18 daughter or son with you to the polls Nov. 7. They can see what voting is all about and how seriously many people take it. Try some preelection discussion to bolster their interest. They may then later pick up the voting habit.

That's the fervent hope behind a campaign called "Take Your Kids to Vote," sponsored by the Council for Excellence in Government. According to campaign organizers, all precincts allow children to accompany voting parents. Most allow kids to go into the booth itself.

The adage holds that 80 percent of 80-year-olds vote, only 20 percent of 20-year-olds do. Let's adjust those figures, raising kids who learn to vote early and exercise that right often.

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