Joy in Mudville

Nobody wants the Yankees to win the World Series. They've been there too many times.

That, of course, is an exaggeration. Millions of New Yorkers are cheering the Yankees triumph over a gritty Seattle Mariners team. Even more, they're cheering because the Yankees' opponents for the series will be their next-door neighbors, the Mets.

The Mets started out 38 years ago as the antithesis of the Yankees - a start-up, rag-tag gang that won hearts, if not pennants. If fact, the Mets have done pretty well. This is their fourth World Series.

This year the Mets emerged from wild-card obscurity to beat the St. Louis Cardinals for the National League title. They're a worthy match for the perennially dominant Yanks.

After Major League Baseball's decades-long effort to expand its appeal - and the geography of its teams - there's more than a little irony in an all-New York "subway series."

But there's nothing short of ecstasy among New York fans. The rest of us will have to partake of that from afar, and enjoy a great series.

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