Middle East: Two weeks of tensions

Sept. 28: Israel's opposition leader Ariel Sharon visits a Jerusalem holy site sacred to both Jews and Muslims. Angered by the visit, Palestinians protest.

Sept. 29: Six Palestinians killed; close to 200 wounded.

Sept. 30: A 12-year-old boy is one of 14 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire.

Oct. 1: Cease-fire agreed on but collapses. An Israeli border policeman is among 12 killed.

Oct. 2: 19 Palestinians killed. Israeli-Arabs join protests.

Oct. 4: Israeli and Palestinian leaders meet US Secretary of State Albright and French President Chirac in France. Both sides order military forces away from flashpoints.

Oct. 5: Yasser Arafat meets Dr. Albright and President Mubarak in Egypt.

Oct. 6: Israel seals West Bank and Gaza Strip, nine killed.

Oct. 7: Demonstrators storm Joseph's Tomb after Israeli withdrawal. Confrontations erupt on Lebanese border, and Hizbullah abducts three Israeli soldiers. Barak issues 48-hour ultimatum to Arafat - stop the violence or Israeli troops will act with full force. Four Palestinians killed.

UN Security Council passes resolution condemning excessive force used by Israelis.

Oct. 8: Israeli Army blows up two apartment buildings and one factory building in Gaza. Jewish settler Hillel Lieberman is killed. Two Palestinians and one Israeli Arab killed.

Oct. 9: Clashes in Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Hebron continue through Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. Several foreign diplomats meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials. Barak's 48-hour deadline is extended. Violence between Israeli Arabs and Jews erupts across the country. Three Palestinians killed.

Oct. 10: A 12-year-old Palestinian boy is shot in Gaza, riots continue in the West Bank.

Oct. 11: Violence continues amid flurry of diplomatic activity. Israelis and Palestinians exchange gunfire. Three Palestinians killed.

Oct. 12: Two Israeli soldiers killed; four captured. Israeli gunships attack Palestinian targets in West Bank.

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