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The Middle East peace process is in tatters. At press time, hatred and revenge had flared again, putting the region on war footing.

An apparent terrorist attack on the USS Cole yesterday, blew a gaping hole in the American destroyer and left at least four sailors dead, and three dozen injured. The ship was refueling at a port in Yemen, a country that has been often linked to Islamist terrorism and the network of Osama bin Laden (page 1).

In the West Bank, Israeli helicopter gunships attacked targets near Yasser Arafat's offices in two Palestinian-ruled cities yesterday after a mob killed two captive Israeli soldiers (page 1).

An interview with a Palestinian mother and Israeli soldiers offers insights into the rules of engagement during recent days that have seen more than 100 people killed (page 1).

Quote of note:

The last thing I want to do is to kill someone who doesn't want to hurt me or our soldiers. In my opinion, a child who throws rocks at a soldier is still innocent." - Israeli Army sniper

David Clark Scott World editor TIPS FROM HOTEL STAFF: At the $35-a- night hotel in Belgrade where the Monitor's Scott Peterson is staying, the staff is well aware of his profession. When he first arrived, after a 14-hour road trip from Montenegro, the city was still tense. He wasn't certain that Yugoslav officials wouldn't pull his visa or ask him to leave. He thought he might try to keep a low profile. But within minutes of his arrival at the hotel, the jig was up. He heard one of the staff shout, "The journalists have arrived!" Yesterday, even the most reticent staff member was eager to help him. About a block from the hotel, Scott ran into one of the off-duty workers. He conspiratorially pulled Scott aside: "Did you hear? Something big is going to happen tomorrow," he told Scott, referring to a march. Scott had heard, but he graciously thanked him.

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