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Like many other institutions in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, the Army and Air Force need more money. So they're turning to unconventional ways of raising new revenues. Does that mean troops selling candy bars door to door? Maybe holding car washes? No, but they may have to do double duty as tour hosts. Fourteen of their bases are being opened to paying visitors eager to climb inside a tank or jet fighter or perhaps empty a clip of AK-47 bullets at the rifle range. Travel agents helping to organize the program are calling it "something really spicy." No word on how brisk the bookings have been.


In Turkey, 451 tons of paper have been sent by Istanbul's police department to a state-owned plant this year to be recycled. While it's true that the cops are trying to be environmentally responsible, there is another side to the story. All of the paper was from books, magazines, and newspapers confiscated under some of the world's strictest censorship laws.

'Meet the Parents' boosts sluggish box-office revenues

After a recent string of disappointing movie debuts, Hollywood executives breathed a sigh of relief when the Columbus Day weekend's improved box-office figures came in. The comedy "Meet the Parents" had a record opening for October, grossing $28.6 million. And the No. 2 film, the football-oriented "Remember the Titans," also had a robust showing, at $19.2 million. The top-grossing films (in millions) for Oct. 6-8, according to box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations Inc. and ACNielsen Edi-Facts:

1. Meet the Parents $28.6

2. Remember the Titans 19.2

3. Get Carter 6.6

4. The Exorcist 4.4

5. Digimon: The Movie 4.2

6. Almost Famous 3.7

7. Urban Legends: Final Cut 2.6

8. Bring It On 2.3

9. The Watcher 1.15

10. Nurse Betty 1.13

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