Young poets, show us your stuff

It's time for the Monitor's fifth annual student-poetry contest! Send us as many as three poems; you choose the subject. Remember to keep your focus narrow and your descriptions specific. (Four of last year's winners are printed below.)

Students in preschool through high school are eligible. Entries must be postmarked by Nov. 17. Be sure to enclose a business-size, self-addressed, stamped (44 cents) envelope so we can mail you an 'I'm a Poet' button! We'll publish the winning poems in December. Music in the ground

I drop a stone down the stairs.

A blink a blank a plunk.

It sounds as if there's music under the ground

no one has yet found.

-- Caitlin O'Brien

Strum, end, and remnant

In my head

I hear

the strum

to which the candle flame


The rhythm

of its light

alluring the shadow.

In my eyes

I see

the end

of a brightness


The heat

of drowning dark

in rose wax.

In my heart

I feel

the remnant

of a light


the glass

with aromatic whim.

-- J. Oscar Polanco


Lifted by your pride

Your burning head lights the sky

And frightens the moon

-- Aubrynn Nealis


Balls bats baseball hats grass

dirt sliding diving screaming

chanting cheering hitting throwing

charging winning losing crying

shouting catching dropping running

single double triple home run

grand slam glove 1st base 2nd base

3rd base home plate left field right field

-- Casey Hackett

(c) Copyright 2000. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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