A boatload of fun in Britain

Imagine yourself at the helm of a boat leisurely cruising along England's River Thames or Scotland's highland lakes. Not only is this an ideal way to avoid crowds and get a fresh view of the countryside, it combines transportation and accommodation at a price that's about the same as renting a flat.

But is chartering a cabin cruiser to explore Britain really an option for inexperienced sailors? It couldn't be easier, say Michael and Laura Murphy: "There is nothing about the operation and navigation of the rental motor cruisers that cannot be learned from scratch in an hour or so."

The Murphys' new guide to rental boating, The Natural Waterways of Great Britain (Interlink Books, $15), includes a detailed discussion of the waterways of England and Scotland, what's to be seen along them, boat- rental firms in each region, even the best time of year to go. It provides a valuable perspective on a peaceful, unhurried way to travel.

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