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Corporation funds deluxe public school NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- The $80 million Niagara Falls High School became the first school in New York to be privately built in an arrangement that provides a state-of-the-art building without increasing the property tax.

Japan panel promotes 'volunteer' work TOKYO -- A Japanese panel pondering how to reform the nation's education system has proposed compulsory community service for schoolchildren. Japan's education system, with its stress on rote learning, has come under fire for failing to nurture the creativity and individuality needed in the Internet age. To foster volunteerism, the panel suggested elementary, junior high, and high school students be required to do some community service. It also said the government should consider requiring 18-year-olds to volunteer to do things like care for the elderly.

Harvard Law School honors black grads CAMBRIDGE, MASS. - In its first Celebration of Black Alumni, Harvard Law School recognized on Saturday the hundreds of African-American attorneys who attended the school. It also recognized several famous attorneys and the Brown v. Board of Education litigation team, many of whom were Harvard Law grads.

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