Hyping a football film? Fill a stadium

How's this for a dramatic kickoff? The producers of "Remember the Titans" have rented the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., tomorrow to show the movie to players on football teams from hundreds of high schools across southern California, along with their parents, coaches, athletic directors, and principals. The film will be projected on four specially installed giant screens (65 by 100 feet).

"Titans," which opens Sept. 29 and stars Denzel Washington, is the story of a Virginia high school football team in 1971 that is forced to integrate.

Following up two recent stories:

"Confessions," the Court TV network "reality" show Monitor TV critic M.S. Mason wrote about Sept. 8 in this section was abruptly cancelled this week after two shows.

Henry Schleiff, chairman of Court TV, admitted the network made a mistake in airing the program, which showed videotapes of convicted criminals in the act of confessing their crimes to police.

Court TV roughly doubled its audience during the time period, but received heavy criticism from advocates for crime victims, and from TV critics who felt the show glamorized crime and provided virtually no context for viewers. "You can't offend ... your audience, and we did," Mr. Schleiff told the Hollywood Reporter.

"Seussical," the highly anticipated musical based on the children's books of Dr. Seuss, is extending its stay in Boston until Sept. 30 for rewrites.

The musical will open on Broadway Nov. 9. Our Iris Fanger (Sept. 15, " 'Seussical' charming, though muddled plot's alarming") was among the critics who noted its second-act flaws.

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