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Police officials in Bochum, Germany, might have thought they were simplifying things with new guidelines for officers that advise on how not to look like a neo-Nazi skinhead. For example, they rule out closely cropped hair. But that isn't an option for some on the force. "These guidelines are a slap in the face to every officer with thinning hair," griped police union official Bernhard Witthaut. Yet as the guidelines stand, offenders - presumably even those who are bald - can face disciplinary action.


Yes, she did take off her red stiletto heels. But that simple act by movie star Sharon Stone - so she could more easily board a water taxi in Venice - set off a chain reaction. First, paparazzi took off in hot pursuit. Stone's bodyguards did, too. That set off waves, which slammed two other boats together. All this so she could attend a film-festival party for Clint Eastwood and his "Space Cowboys" co-stars.

Rating the types of jobs that Americans like best, least

Americans have some decidedly critical views of the types of work that are keeping massive numbers of them employed, according to the new edition of "Jobs Rated Almanac." Using data from the US Labor Department, trade groups, and telephone surveys, the book ranks 250 jobs according to such criteria as security, environment, physical demands, stress, potential for growth, and income. The best and worst in selected categories:


Best Web developer

Worst Garbage collector


Best Statistician

Worst President of the US


Best Medical records technician

Worst President of the US


Best NBA player

Worst Waiter/waitress


Best Financial planner

Worst Commercial fisherman

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