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Somebody is not likely to put on a rsum that he or she is suspected of having masterminded one of the world's most colossal computer crises. But for Onel de Guzman of the Philippines, who has been linked to the infamous "Love bug" virus, it just might pay off. He's landed scores of job offers since the May debacle, both at home and abroad. But de Guzman - against whom, in fact, all charges were dropped - says his siblings have recommended he first complete his studies. Plus, he says, he wants to produce something "educational," not controversial.


Clifford Boro may have taken the term "business casual" to its limit. The chief executive of Internet Financial Network recently promoted his online company on a busy New York street, clad in bathrobe and slippers. Boro said he wanted to make the point that his firm watches important information from the moment customers wake up to when they go to bed at night.

Fortune magazine names 100 fastest-growing firms

You may not know 4Kids Entertainment by name, but you probably know one of its products. The company makes Pokmon films and holds the licensing rights to put the creatures on T-shirts, backpacks, and school supplies. And now, 4Kids Entertainment has debuted at No. 1 on Fortune magazine's annual ranking of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the US. The list, published in the Sept. 4 issue, is compiled by considering such factors as total stock market return and revenue growth. The first 10 in the ranking:

1. 4Kids Entertainment

2. RF Micro Devices

3. Siebel Systems

4. Network Appliance

5. Source Information Management

6. Salton (tie) Zomax

8. 12 Technologies

9. Diamond Technology Partners

10. Stericycle

- Business Wire

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