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An international arbitrator ended a bitter corporate dispute, freeing consulting firm Andersen Consulting from its parent company, Andersen Worldwide. The ruling made last month but released Monday by the International Court of Arbitration in Paris settles the dispute that went to arbitration in 1997. The consulting firm claimed its parent had violated an internal agreement by offering consulting services and competing for the same customers. The court's ruling orders Andersen Consulting give up its name and pay Andersen Worldwide $1 billion. Many analysts, however, called the decision a major victory for Andersen Consulting, which will not have to pay any of the $14 billion in damages its parent company had sought.

United Airlines is canceling almost 2,000 flights next month, a spokesman announced. The decision follows three months of delays and cancellations for the world's largest airline, which has struggled to improve relations with its pilots after their contract expired in April. United credits many of the cancellations to more pilots refusing to work overtime, but pilots point to the company's failure to address a shortage in their ranks.

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