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WHAT: Looking for activities on a long summer day? The Web site for the Children's Museum in Indianapolis offers lots of games and fun facts for kids and adults to explore. You can draw, view star constellations, or dig for dinosaurs. There are also links on distance learning, teacher resources, and local calendar listings.

BEST POINTS: The site offers a great range of interactive activities for kids. Click on "Fun online" and you can create dinosaur art - even dig up and examine dinosaur fossils by clicking and dragging. Peruse the dinosaur database and you'll learn, for example, that Tyrannosaurus means "tyrant lizard" because of the creature's big size and sharp teeth. In the arts section, you can write and produce your own puppet show online.

Explore the Geo Mysteries section and you'll learn why some rocks float, or you can assess the characteristics of a rock to determine what it is. The Cosmic Quest lets you design a space station and pack the supplies you'll need to travel up.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Because the museum is located in Indianapolis, some of the information isn't relevant to nonresidents.

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