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If you are female and a man in your life has escorted you to a Major League Baseball game recently, you may have noticed you were far from alone. Results of a new survey issued by the office of commissioner Bud Selig indicate that, on average, women make up just under half the crowd at any given stadium. From baseball's point of view, that's great. What's not is that 43 percent of females couldn't name a single player on the roster of the local team.


No doubt, some of the speeches in Wyoming's House of Representatives and Senate this session were eloquent. We'll never know, however. There were 22 days in the session, and audio tapes were recorded for each of them. All turned out blank. Against just such a possibility, each chamber has a backup system. They failed, too. The problem was discovered when a state library user asked to listen to one of the recordings. Now an effort is under way to find out what went wrong and fix it.

Violence/crime: Teens rate them No. 1 campaign issue

They may not be able to vote, but that doesn't mean teens have no say. For one thing, they know a whole lot firsthand about education, and numerous other hot topics. For another, they're one of the country's largest demographic groups. To bolster their voice, Teen People magazine conducted a national poll of young people to gauge their thoughts about election 2000. It found that more than 50 percent of teens had not chosen a particular political party; one-fourth said they were Republican, one-fifth Democrats, and 4 percent Independents. The percentage of teen respondents that said each of the following is their No. 1 concern:

1. Violence/crime 56%

2. Education 50%

3. Gun control 48%

4. Abortion 44%

5. Drugs 41%

6. AIDS 30%

7. The economy 16%

8. Foreign affairs 11%

(tie) Welfare 11%

- Business Wire

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