Selling a house? Little things count

If you're sprucing up your home to sell, take note: Before you build that new deck to impress prospective buyers, consider the findings of The online home-selling specialists surveyed 2,000 real-estate agents and found that minor improvements often make major contributions to the final sales price. The experts make the following points:

*A well-trimmed lawn can enhance the "curb appeal" of your home and its value.

*Remove dated wallpaper, and paint in a neutral color.

*Staging, or giving special attention to what amount to "props," often wins over buyers. Potpourri in gathering areas, fresh flowers in the kitchen, clean hand towels in the bathroom, even installing a new toilet seat can increase the appeal of a house.

Below is a list of improvements, what they can cost, and how much they can increase a home's sale price.

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