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France granting greater autonomy to Corsica may not sound like a major story. But it's likely to be a move that quells regional unrest while sending broad fissures through French sovereignty.

Rich nation, poor nation: The G-8 summit became a stage for traditional views of tackling global poverty and technology-based solutions. But President Clinton felt the tug of two outside issues: Mideast peace talks and a North Korea missiles-for-rockets proposal.

Shock television in Mexico: Is this what free speech is all about?

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*NO MAN-ON-THE-STREET INTERVIEWS:That's because there were few local men or women to be found. In the name of security and G-8 summit harmony, the streets of Nago, Japan, were empty this weekend. "It was eerie," says the Monitor's Ilene Prusher. Half a dozen beach resorts on the island, plus nearby restaurants and stores were all shut down. There were signs up before the summit telling people to stay inside, says Ilene. The Japanese government spent an estimated $750 million on hosting the summit. One reason it was held on Okinawa was to give the island a financial boost. But normally, this is the high season here for vacationers. "I hope they spread that money around before the summit, because they weren't making much money during the summit," says Ilene.

CULTURAL SNAPSHOT.. *PUTIN GOES TO THE MAT: Russia's President Vladimir Putin told Reuters that his love of judo (he holds a black belt) has given him a respect for Japan from an early age. He said the principles of judo - respect for one's partner or opponent and a feeling of one's own worth - provided useful guidance for developing relations between Russia and Japan. His favorite move: "deashibari," a swift attack aimed at knocking opponents off their feet.

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