The house of the future

What will the typical new house be like in 2010? According to the National Association of Home Builders, it will feature:

*2,200 or more square feet.

*Three or more bedrooms.

*A garage for two or more cars.

*An average lot that's 11,870 square feet; 1,000 square feet smaller than lots today.

*A master bedroom and laundry on the main floor.

*A more energy-efficient heating and cooling system.

*More flexible and adaptable interior designs with spaces that can easily be converted for a variety of purposes, including home-office space.

*A modular wiring system.

*High-speed data access, a security system, multiple phone lines, and lighting control systems.

*More factory-built components, which reduce on-site labor costs.

*More engineered wood products and increased use of steel and concrete.

*Greater use of recycled products and low-maintenance materials.

*An average sales price of $270,000 to $280,000.

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