Software can help trace missing kids

In the event of a missing child or runaway, parents no longer need to waste critical time preparing information about their loved one for law enforcement.

A new device offered by and Pro-Tech-A-Kid of America Inc. marries safety to simple software. The program, available for $12.95 at, enables parents to make an ID disk or CD of their children that includes a detailed bio and a photo.

In an emergency, police and the media can view information immediately through Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The ID can also be printed out in flier form to help get the word out.

Busy, busy bees

Some fruits and vegetables need to be pollinated by insects several times in order to produce large, high-quality produce.

The best watermelons result from 12 pollinations, and "it takes 25 pollinations for strawberries to maximize berry size," says Natalia Dudareva, assistant professor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., who is studying the biology of floral scents.

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