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Racing pigeons are justifiably famous for traveling great distances. But from Britain to New York in a single trip? One of Vince Webster's pigeons did. The bird failed to finish a race across the English Channel - only to turn up in mid-Atlantic Ocean aboard the QE2 luxury liner. Crew members discovered her and she was identified by the band that each racer wears on one leg. A faxed appeal to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association helped to track down Webster for a reunion.


When last we looked in on pro basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman, his name led the list of aliases used by people ordering home-delivery pizza from the Domino's chain. Now he wants the public to look in again - on his famous parties. The flamboyant Rodman plans to link cameras in and around his California ocean-view home to his Web site. What makes the parties so famous? Thirty-six times in the past year, police have responded to complaints about their loudness.

Tech execs tell survey what their lives are really like

Dotcoms may have an image as being staffed and run by a young, countercultural generation. But according to a new study, many of the top executives in the technology sector are similar to CEOs in other fields. New York-based U.S. Trust Corp., a provider of private banking services, surveyed 150 top tech professionals in the US. Some of the results, with the percentage of respondents answering affirmatively to each:

I'm under 30 2%

I'm female 6%

I didn't go to college 12%

I chose technology in part because I thought it would pay well 23%

I have strained relationship with spouse because of work 27%

I have strained relationships with children because of work 29%

I don't have time for civic or charity work 45%

I don't have time to relax 58%

I grew up in lower or middle class 78%

- Reuters

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