Americans proud to be leaders in science

Field Notes

A new Gallup survey conducted on behalf of the Bayer Corporation and the National Science Foundation examines public attitudes toward science and technology.

*Almost half (46 percent) of Americans say they take "a great deal" of pride and another 37 percent say they take "some pride" in the nation's being the world leader in science and technology (S&T).

*Almost all agree that S&T has been important in establishing US influence in the world (93 percent) and contributing to its economic success in the 20th century (93 percent), with 6 in 10 calling S&T "very important" to both achievements.

*Most (89 percent) say that S&T has changed life over the last 100 years for the better (6 percent say for the worse and 4 percent say the changes have been neither better nor worse).

*Almost all (93 percent) say it is important for the US to maintain its current global leadership position in S&T, with 65 percent calling it "very important" and 28 percent "important."

*Some 75 percent agree that the poor showing by 12th graders on an international math and science test may be an early warning that US S&T-related jobs may shift to other countries with citizens who possess stronger science literacy skills.

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