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Russia's using pizza to fuel its rockets. More precisely, it's orbiting ads for a US pizza company. Commerce goes cosmic with the launch of the living section of the International Space Station .

Hello and goodbye: As Bosnian refugees finally return in large numbers, international aid donors are closing wallets .

How the view of "Israel as the enemy" has shaped the character of Arab policies abroad - and at home.

At times, it seemed like a cultural embargo was in place. But one man persisted in bringing a Picasso exhibition to war-ravaged Colombia .

David Clark Scott World editor


*LOGO FATIGUE: Moscow-based reporter Fred Weir didn't find much ire among Russians over turning their proud Proton booster rocket into a cylindrical billboard. "They've become numbed over the past 10 years," says Fred, as sacred institutions and icons have tumbled and capitalism has spread. For example, notes Fred, during a recent trip to Ukraine, he was handed an official embarkation card to put in his passport. "It was covered with ads, including ones for McDonald's." And the original Soviet version of the space shuttle, a sophisticated craft built at great expense, is now being used as a kiddie ride in Gorky Park.


*HISTORIC JOB, BUT CAN SHE CAN DRIVE HERSELF TO WORK? A Saudi Arabian princess made history this week by stepping into a new job. Princess Al-Jawhara bint Fahad bin Mohammed bin Abdel Rahman al-Saud was appointed to the highest position ever occupied by a woman in her country, news agencies reported. The princess is now the assistant undersecretary for Education Affairs. Saudi Arabia is a conservative Muslim society, where women are generally barred from public life, not permitted to drive, and not allowed to work or mix with men who are not relatives.

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