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What: While many kids struggle with too much online time, this "Virtual Kite Zoo" Web site encourages adults and children to leave the computer and go fly a kite.

BEST POINTS: Ever wonder what the difference between a parafoil and a bowed kite is? Or how to make a paper-sled kite in 20 minutes? This site explains kite-flying terms, gives interesting history, and describes all materials needed for making and flying kites. Detailed descriptions and photos are given of kites ranging from single-line flat kites to quad-lines. A knot page provides photos and instructions for important knots. The "kites in the classroom" section is a good one for educators or parents looking for fun educational projects for their kids.

What YOU NEED TO KNOW: New to kitemaking or flying? A good place to start is with this page's "guided tour," which provides a coherent road map to the site, beginning with terminology and finishing up with a comprehensive bibliography. Links are also provided for other kite-focused pages. Particularly good is the Kid Kite Website at www.sound.net/~buckchil/KKWeb/index.shtml. It includes many links to the helpful usenet group kites.rec.

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