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A few years ago in the small, rural town of Wadley, Ga., no kids wore bicycle helmets. But these days, the majority do. What gave? As described in the journal Pediatrics this week, police began confiscating the bikes anytime a child was caught helmetless. What's more, the child and a parent had to go to the police station and listen to a lecture on helmet use before getting the prized possession back. And that's just for the first transgression. "On the second offense, we keep the bike permanently," said police chief Lindoen James. "But we haven't got to that stage yet."


In Dallas, the latest loot of choice isn't jewelry or electronics. It's breakfast cereal - Apple Jacks, Corn Flakes, and Frosted Flakes, to be specific. More than 60 cases worth hundreds of dollars have been stolen since mid-March from a rail yard near downtown. Several suspects - most of them homeless - have been arrested, although the pilfering has continued.

Tennis star Kournikova rates No. 1 among Web surfers

Shaquille O'Neal led the Los Angeles Lakers to the National Basketball Association championship and was its most valuable player. Courtney Brown is the No. 1 draft choice of the National Football League. Yet neither even made the list of the 10 most searched-for sports figures over the past 12 months as compiled by the popular Internet search engine Lycos. The list was put together from searches for information on the person in question, aspects of his or her style of play, photos to download, and the like. It also is open to sports figures who are retired or deceased. Lycos's list:

1. Anna Kournikova (tennis)

2. Michael Jordan (basketball)

3. Brandi Chastain (soccer)

4. Vince Carter (basketball)

5. Muhammad Ali (boxing)

6. Allen Iverson (basketball)

7. Katarina Witt (ice skating)

8. Martina Hingis (tennis)

9. Jackie Robinson (baseball)

10. Tony Hawk (skateboarding)

- Entertainment Wire

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