Reasons for trouble in Central Park

Thank you for your June 19 article, "Central Park attacks on women - is MTV to blame?" This is a good question to ask. MTV, Black Entertainment Television, movies and television producers, and others who glorify antiwomen violence are culpable, as well as the rest of society.

Sam Cacas San Francisco

Regarding "Central Park attacks on women - is MTV to blame?": The reporter has inadvertently found the cause of the increasing desensitization and desocialization among youths. Perhaps the problem is not MTV, but poor parenting. As quoted in the article, Myriam Miedzian, author of "Boys Will Be Boys: Breaking the Link between Masculinity and Violence" says, "... with 70 percent of mothers of young children working out of the home, how can parents monitor everything?" Maybe the problem is not with TV, but with people having children they either cannot afford or raise responsibly.

Mike Fleuette Newton, Mass.

Global warming and nuclear power

The debate about global climate change is likely to go beyond when we can anything to prevent harm, should it occur ("It's a drought - no, flood," June 8). The only prudent course we can take is do things that reduce the likelihood of man-made climate change, and that are also economic. These include using less energy by improving the efficiency of industry, appliances, and automobiles. It also means continuing to use nuclear power.

Nuclear power currently has some of the lowest electricity production costs and produces no greenhouse gases, thus keeping existing plants should be a priority. Besides, the increasing severity and number of electricity blackouts makes it ever more essential that we retain this source of energy.

We can be smart about global climate change, regardless of whether it is due to man's influence. Keeping nuclear power as an energy option is leading indicator of our prudence and intelligence on this issue.

John Sillin Potomac, Md

Age-old German experts

Regarding "Medieval ways stifle in Web age" (June 9): This otherwise very interesting article failed to mention the benefits of the German (and widespread European) system of "master's licenses." It is of immense value to the consumer to know that when he hires a carpenter or a plumber, he is hiring someone with several years of rigorous practical training. I wish a similar system - though not as restrictive and outdated as the German one - were in place in the US.

Maj T. Rundlett San Diego

Bush's environmental record

George W. Bush may be trying to reach out to minority groups ("Bush takes risks in reach to center" June 13). But what about his poor record on environment? He has refused to clarify his positions on environmental issues even on the simplest questions from his own party's Republicans for Environmental Protection.

Gene Sentz Choteau, Mont.

Women's rights vs. religion

The letter by David Glenn (June 10), who was terribly concerned over the UN's attempt to separate women from their religions and cultures in favor of population-control ideology, was certainly off-base. One might well wonder what these religions and cultures have done for women! Perhaps it is to the good to separate women from religious organizations in which they have no representation and which have never shown much concern for them other than as baby factories. If the population explosion is not confronted, alienation from religions will be the least of our problems.

Laina Farhat-Holzman Aptos, Calif.

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