'Where did the weekend go?'

Leisure time is a scarce commodity, according to a recent Shell Poll, which surveyed more than 1,000 Americans. Given a choice between an extra day off every two weeks and a day's wages, more adults would take the time (58 percent) over the money (40 percent).

And technology isn't helping. Fifty-five percent of those polled say that the Internet, fax machines, and cellphones give them less free time, not more.

The dissatisfaction with free time may be fueled by the fact that when they get it, many adults don't enjoy how they spend it. Sixty-five percent said that on Sunday night, they usually ask themselves, "Where did the weekend go?"

The most common weekend activity for these adults was doing chores around the yard (47 percent), yet only 18 percent say they like doing the chores.

What would their ideal weekend be? Most Americans say they would prefer their activities outdoors (71 percent), during the day (66 percent), and in the company of others (71 percent).

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