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When your most famous native son was the first US president to be impeached, you might think the hometown folks would be just as glad to have him mistaken for someone else. Not in Greeneville, Tenn., which is annoyed at Sprint Corp. The phone company put the local statue of Andrew Johnson on the cover of its new Yellow Pages, but mislabeled it as fellow Tennessean Andrew Jackson. Jackson was the seventh president; Johnson the 17th. But interest in Johnson has revived since the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Sprint finds the error "embarrassing," but it will stand because most copies of the book have been distributed.


Then there's Mayor Lawrence LeBlanc of Pictou, Nova Scotia. He's upset because all 450,000 copies of the new official provincial map omit the historic town. The Halifax government issued stickers to rectify the problem. But a TV news crew sent to record LeBlanc's views on the situation became lost because - right - it was using an uncorrected version of the map.

E-mail tops reasons that teens say they go online

Although many parents recognize the benefits of Internet access for their children, just how kids use it can be a point of contention. A recent survey by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers found that more than 1 in 4 teens with Web access log on for at least an hour in a typical visit. And although 31 percent of online teens said they've made Web-based purchases, others cited parental restrictions as the biggest reason they haven't. Just what activities draw kids online? The percentages of the survey's teen Internet users who cited the following as key reasons to go surfing:

Send/receive e-mail 44%

Research/get information 19%

Play games 10%

Use chat rooms 10%

Download music/videos 6%

Read news/sports/other 4%

Shop 2%

Other 5%

- Business Wire

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