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The predicament unfolding at Wendy Smith's backyard pool was well beyond the help of a lifeguard. Instead, it took six firefighters to save the day - to save a 500-pound sow, that is. The hog, who belongs to a neighbor in Elkmont, Ala., apparently pushed open a gate and plopped into the pool to cool off, said Smith. Two hours later - and with the aid of a backhoe - the sow was hoisted onto land. The hog, lamented Smith, "tore up my pool liner, but you can't do anything but laugh about it."


At first, police couldn't figure out why at least 10 abandoned truck cabs had showed within blocks of Carlton Jackson's home in Kenner, La., a New Orleans suburb. They were undamaged, as were the trailers they'd been unhitched from in three states. Eventually, fingerprints led the cops to Jackson. When his house was searched, detectives found applications to several trucking schools. Apparently, he was trying to hone his driving skills.

About 20 percent of males fail to register for the draft

Despite the penalties for failing to register with the Selective Service Administration, almost one in five American males are not doing so, the system reported last week. Although there hasn't been a military draft since 1973, it remains a requirement for 18-year-olds to sign up within one month of their birthdays. Failure is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and as many as five years in prison. It also can cost a young man a student loan or grant, job-training, or other publicly funded benefits. The following states ranked lowest in compliance with the registration law last year, in percentage terms:

Hawaii 73%

Louisiana 74%

Texas 77%

South Carolina 79%

(tie) Mississippi 79%

(tie) Kentucky 79%

(tie) Georgia 79%

(tie) California 79%

Maryland 80%

New Mexico 81%

- Associated Press

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