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Who hasn't noticed the shrinking airline meal, or even the absence of food on some flights?

In an age of no-frills flights and continuing efforts to cut costs, many airlines have eliminated meals on flights of less than two hours, or those flights during "off meal" times. In some cases, an airline "meal" could now mean a tiny pack of pretzels and a soft drink.

To fill the food gap, more passengers are packing in meals - either from home or from hotels, more of which now offer box lunches for a price (still a savings over pricey airport fare).

While major airlines have no specific rules prohibiting people from bringing in their own food, several do prohibit passengers from carrying on hot coffee. During takeoff, a bump of turbulence could send the beverage flying, scalding you, or those around you.

If you do pack your own food, practice traveler etiquette. While your cabin mates might envy your delicious deli meal, they will not appreciate that pungent salami or fragrant tuna sandwich. Be thoughtful to the crews and take your trash with you when you leave, don't stuff it in the seat pocket. And don't forget to pack a few small candies or cookies - they will go a long way to quieting squirming children.

Compiled by Lane Hartill

(c) Copyright 2000. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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