Breezy riddles in rhyme

Dig around for seaside homonyms (like 'sea' and 'see') to solve these riddles.

1. A bucket made

For clams or sand;

A shade of white,

No color, bland!

2. To stop from entry;

A sandy band;

A word for "the courts";

"Sweet" for gourmand.

3. It's great and good

And all OK;

To surge or billow

Up and away!

4. It's water

Rushing into shore;

A knot that's tight

And so secure.

5. A friend, a chum;

A noble one;

To search and scan;

A dock outrun.

6. A curling wave

That crowns my pate;

A stylist or searcher,

A hairbrusher's date.

7. A swell unfurls;

My hand says "hi";

To change a rule

And let you go by.


(1) pail, pale; (2) bar; (3) swell;

(4) tide, tied; (5) peer, pier;

(6) comber; (7) wave, waive.

(c) Copyright 2000. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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