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You're driving along when a cop car flashes its lights behind you. Bad sign? Maybe not in Beverly, Mass. For the next month, police there are flagging down motorists - to thank them - when they're spotted stopping for pedestrians, letting other vehicles pass, and braking completely at stop signs. "In Massachusetts, drivers tend to not be on the courteous side," says Dennis Tarsook, a traffic sergeant. "Maybe, with a little praise, that could change."


Taufui Piutau hadn't been drinking alcohol, but California has still charged him with driving under the influence - of kava tea. The man had downed as many as 10 cups of the drink, which is used ceremoniously in his native Tonga and is known for anti-anxiety effects. Afterward police found Piutau weaving across a highway and pulled him over.

Powell, Bradley top public's list of vice presidential picks

It isn't good news for George W. Bush and Al Gore: The people that voters would most like to see as running mates, according to a recent Harris Interactive Election 2000 survey, have expressed little interest in the job. The survey was conducted last month among 13,224 registered voters. Speculative candidates, and percentage of respondents who favored them:


1. Bill Bradley, former New Jersey senator 20%

2. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California 13%

3. Andrew Cuomo, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 5%

4. Sen. Evan Bayh, Indiana 4%

5. Gov. Jim Hunt, North Carolina 3%


1. Gen. Colin Powell 24%

2. Sen. John McCain, Arizona 17%

3. Elizabeth Dole, former Red Cross president 16%

4. Gov. Christine Whitman, New Jersey 6%

5. Rep. J.C. Watts Jr., Oklahoma 4%

- Business Wire

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