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Major releases coming this year.

Frequency (now playing)

A solar phenomenon allows a father and son to communicate through time via ham radios to stop a serial killer.

In Hollywood parlance, this is known as a "high concept" movie.

Battlefield Earth (May 12)

Earth is conquered by hairy, 9-ft.-tall aliens.

John Travolta sports big hair and platform shoes - not unlike a certain disco movie from the '70s.

Titan A.E. (June 16)

An animated sci-fi yarn featuring the voice of Matt Damon.

We'll take this one over the next Pokmon movie any day.

The Hollow Man (July 28)

Kevin Bacon is rendered invisible by scientist Elizabeth Shue.

It takes a remarkably egoless actor to disappear for most of a film. Does this disqualify the film from the "6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon" game?

Space Cowboys (Aug. 4)

Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner, and Donald Sutherland are veteran astronauts who perform one last mission - la John Glenn.

Alternative title: "Grumpy Old Men in Space."

Imposter (Aug. 11)

Gary Sinise is a fugitive in the year 2075 who may, or may not, be an extraterrestrial.

Sinise prepared for the role by running from moviegoers demanding their money back for "Mission to Mars."

The 6th Day (Oct. 6)

Arnold Schwarzenegger discovers a clone of himself.

Perhaps he wandered into Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London by mistake?

The Red Planet (Nov. 10)

Val Kilmer sets up a colony on Mars.

Hope he remembered to pack the suntan lotion. Lots of it.

2001: A Space Odyssey (Dec. 31)

Kubrick's masterpiece gets a re-release.

Film pundits can't figure out "why on earth a re-release now?"

In various stages of production:

* A.I. (Spielberg directs Kubrick story)

* Minority Report (Spielberg and Tom Cruise )

* Star Wars: Episode 2

* Terminator 3

* Battlefield Earth 2

* The Matrix 2 and The Matrix 3

* Men In Black 2

* Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy in space)

* The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

* A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick novel)

* Planet of the Apes (remake by Tim Burton)

* Logan's Run (remake)

* Forbidden Planet (remake)

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