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The Rev. Paul Schauer can be - well - unorthodox in boosting attendance at his services. His latest stunt: promising to get a buzz cut if the congregation of Sunne Lutheran Church in rural Wilton, N.D., averaged 180 people in April. After being informed last Sunday that the challenge had been met, it was time for Schauer to fulfill his end of the deal. All 189 worshipers stayed to watch the deed. "Someone asked if we averaged 200 would I get my ear pierced," he said. "I told them no."


People joke about this happening, but in northern Norway, it actually did: A man became so lost driving around an airport that he ended up on the runway. Authorities said he halted when he saw a plane bearing down on him. By taking off early, the pilot missed the car - but by only a few feet.

Black, white, and read all over: Newspapers post gains

Almost without exception, the largest daily newspapers in the US boosted their circulations over the past 12 months, according to figures compiled by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Those selling more than 500,000 copies gained an average of 1.3 percent. Smaller papers - those between 50,000 and 99,999 - however, fell 0.8 percent over the same span. The 10 largest dailies, their circulations, and the percentage of change since March 31, 1999:

1. USA Today,

1.83 million + 1.1 %

2. The Wall Street Journal,

1.81 million + 1.1

3. Los Angeles Times,

1.15 million + 5.0

4. The New York Times,

1.14 million + 1.3

5. The Washington Post,

812,559 + 0.4

6. New York Daily News,

730,542 + 0.1

7. Chicago Tribune,

633,599 minus 1.8

8. Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.),

577,595 + 0.4

9. Houston Chronicle,

553,462 + 2.4

10. The Dallas Morning News,

515,529 + 2.4

- Associated Press

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