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When you're the only candidate for a public office, there's no way you can lose, right? Try telling that to Aspascia Duncan, who was so confident of victory in last week's primary in Anderson County, Tenn., for property assessor that she didn't stick around for the election. Returning from an out-of-town conference the next night, she learned voters had chosen instead a rival who dropped out of their race in February and threw his support to her. But Bobby Jones apparently missed the printer's deadline for removing his name from the ballot. State officials are expected to decide what to do about the matter this week.


Folks around Hannover, Germany, are chuckling at the sight of Chancellor Gerhard Schrder, who has a weekend home there. He prefers to drive his wife's Volkswagen rather than riding in his government-owned, chauffeured, bullet-proof limo - a taxable benefit. But he's followed closely by his bodyguards in, yes, the limo.

Where skiers can go for out-of-the-ordinary resorts

As the winter ski season wraps up in the US, Resort Sports Network Inc. - primarily a cable channel based in Portland, Maine - pays tribute to some of the more out-of-the-ordinary locales worldwide for schussing down the slopes. The staff of RSN chose what they consider the five most unusual mountain ski resorts. They are:

1. Oukaimeden Resort in Marrakech, Morocco: Skiers ride donkeys to the summit, where lifts don't operate.

2. Malam Jabba in Swat Valley, Pakistan: It operates a chairlift that reportedly can seat 56 skiers at one time.

3. Tiffindell Ski & Mountain Resort in Tiffindell, South Africa: It was established in 1993 to give South Africans the opportunity to ski in their own country.

4. Pas de la Casa and Grau Roig in Andorra, between France and Spain: The two, which are six miles apart by road, are linked by ski lift.

5. Dizin in Dizin, Iran: Lift tickets cost the equivalent of US$4.

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