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WHAT: The Web site of the National Women's History Project (NWHP), the group responsible for establishing National Women's History Month back in 1980.

BEST POINTS: This site is a clearinghouse for information on women's history. It offers tips on ways to celebrate Women's History Month in your community (throw a party and invite your guests to dress as a woman of importance in the 20th century, or as a man who was outspoken in his support of women's progress; or establish a Women's Hall of Fame to honor women who've made contributions to your community).

This site also lists Women's History Month events happening nationwide, links to other women's organizations, and offers a quiz to test your women's-history knowledge. In addition, the NWHP issues a seasonal catalog of women's-history posters, books, and materials for school and workplace, and conducts in-service training for school teachers on women's history.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The NWHP is a non-profit corporation, founded in Sonoma County, Calif., in 1980. It will be honored tomorrow at a special ceremony in Statuary Hall in Washington.

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