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For some Ohio mechanics, the business was just rolling in ... literally. The Mount Healthy Auto Body Repair Shop in suburban Cincinnati greeted its newest customer, Peter Zillick, through a cloud of dust late last week after he lost control of his 1984 Buick, which careened into the building, damaging a wall. Police said no one was seriously hurt. Once debris was cleared, employees got back to work - including fixing Zillick's car.


There are uncaring New York taxi drivers ... and then there's Larry Davis. As we pick up the story, passenger Erica Christian realized she'd lost her engagement ring, and probably in his cab. She phoned the driver, who searched the car to no avail. But after his shift, Davis voluntarily retraced his route until he found the prize on a street where he'd picked up another fare. "I can imagine how she felt," he said at a ceremony honoring his deed, "so I gave it one more shot." He declined Christian's offer of a reward ... but will accept Mayor Rudy Giuliani's help in finding a new job in the computer field.

Which states spent most, least on school construction

In 1997, states and local districts spent $25 billion on school construction - up 40 percent from about $18 billion in 1990, according to a recently released congressional report. That's $473 per student over the period, the General Accounting Office calculated. It ranged from Connecticut's $37 per child per year to Nevada's $934. The five top and five bottom states in spending on school construction, per student annually:

Most spent

Nevada $934

Florida $877

Washington $854

Minnesota $825

Arizona $773

Least spent

Connecticut $37

Rhode Island $41

Massachusetts $49

Kentucky $155

Louisiana $180

- Associated Press

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