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Another flash point has shown up in the Balkans, this time on the Kosovo border with Serbia proper. Is this part of a Serbian effort to create unrest or the emergence of a serious off-shoot of the Kosovo Liberation Army?

In Mexico's elections, gender is a factor. One opposition party pushes a ticket with women making up 30 percent of the candidates. And female voters are more cautious choosing a candidate (this page). Quote of note: "Women are more rational.... They're reserving judgement while they consider the issues that matter to them." - a PRI campaign adviser.

Palestinians seek to score statehood points with a soccer team .

Reporters on the job..

*HOW ABOUT A LONGER PRACTICE? The Monitor's Ilene Prusher was told by the coach and several fans that the Palestinian soccer team "lacked professionalism" and might take a while to reach a competitive level. And she got a glimpse of one reason why this might be true: short practices. Ilene arrived at the Palestine Football Stadium at 10 a.m. for a practice scheduled to go until noon. But before she had a chance to interview the players, the practice ended. At 10:45 a.m., the team began scattering for home or work. "I had to track some players down at home or chase them in the parking lot to do interviews," she says.


* ASYLUM IN BRITAIN: Eight Afghan citizens who arrived in Britain on a hijacked jet will be allowed to remain, The Associated Press reports. But asylum appeals on behalf of 32 others have been rejected, and decisions are pending on 37 more, the British government said. Criminal charges are pending against 14 others who were aboard the flight. As reported on Feb. 8, the Ariana Airlines Boeing 727 was forced to fly to Stansted Airport. The hijackers surrendered four days later, and many of the hijack victims asked to stay in Britain.

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