New Economy, new language

So you thought a "hot group" was the Grammy-grabbing band Santana?

Don't despair.

The New Economy has a growing lexicon all its own. You can decipher "Netrepreneur" for yourself. Here's a sampling of some other buzzwords from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an outplacement firm that's been tracking the words and phrases now gaining currency in the new-tech workplace.

Border crossers: Multiskilled employees who are comfortable crossing from job to job within a company.

Protected class: Rank-and-file workers with job experience badly needed by skill-short firms.

Fresh-outs: New graduates who require job training.

Jumpers: CEOs who leave traditional blue-chips to head Internet start-ups.

Reverbs: Baby boomers' children.

Bottom fishers: Risk-takers who reap hefty financial rewards by solving big problems at companies in turmoil.

Silicon sea: The widening gap between technology haves and have-nots.

E-cruiting: Recruiting over the Web.

Pink mail: Notice of termination via e-mail.

Cyberseniors: Retirees returning to fill high-tech jobs.

People churners: Bad bosses. Often blamed for failing to retain key talent.

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