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Two stories today underscore a truism: Never underestimate a determined mother. In Russia, mothers of soldiers have formed a powerful organization that finds out what the military would prefer to keep secret. And in Israel, mothers are spearheading efforts to get the government to pull troops out of Lebanon.

The Rwanda war crimes tribunal faces a credibility crisis (page 7).

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* FRONT ROW RUDE: The Monitor's Kevin Platt was told there were no advance sales when he tried to buy a ticket for an ancient music performance in Lijiang, China. But when he came back on the morning of the performance, the entire front row had already been sold. "By phone," the ticket seller said. That night, Kevin watched about 10 Communist Party officials file into the front row of the theater. They drew dirty looks from audience members as they talked during a monologue, and one even loudly answered his mobile phone during the musicians' first piece. Finally, the officials left in the middle of the next song. But the concertmaster got in the last jab. "Unlike in the West, in China some people still feel free to argue, answer cell phones, and otherwise disrupt classical music performances."


* I SPY, YOU SPY: A French official yesterday accused Britain of using US eavesdropping systems to spy on European companies. As reported on Sept. 3, the end of the cold war has left all Western intelligence devoting more time and resources to spying on each other. A European Union report released yesterday detailed how the US learns about the secret business plans of European corporations.

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