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All over Williamsport, Pa., Monday, wheels were turning. A police bomb squad raced to a factory where environmental testing chambers are manufactured. The day shift was sent home. The night shift was ordered not to report for work. And the search was on for an ex-employee who'd been fired. And all because he'd stopped by to drop off a small box for the boss. Someone at Lunaire Ltd. suspected it might contain a get-even explosive device. So did it? Well, no. It seems the man's mother was opening a bakery, and in the box were sticky buns that were being offered as a free sample.


He was only kidding, Larry Lease said, when he told his accounting students at Shasta College in Redding, Calif., they could show their appreciation when they became rich by buying him a new Porsche. So, naturally, he thought Robert Sullivan was kidding too when he asked what color Porsche Lease wanted. Wrong. Earlier this week, Sullivan, now a grateful multimillionaire, arrived on campus to take Lease to lunch - in a burgandy gift convertible worth $50,000.

Presidential historians rate Washington No. 1 for morals

1. George Washington98.1

2. Abraham Lincoln 95.6

3. Theodore Roosevelt 86.9

4. Franklin Roosevelt 86.0

5. Dwight Eisenhower 82.1

6. Woodrow Wilson 82.0

7. Harry Truman 74.5

8. Thomas Jefferson 74.0

9. John Adams 72.2

10. Jimmy Carter 71.2

- Associated Press

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