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Canada continues its antismoking push with a strict new ban in British Columbia, a $1 billion lawsuit, and cigarette warning labels that may soon include tips on how to quit.

Getting the massive Trepca mining complex operating again is considered a crucial step in reviving Kosovo's economy.

As the world's best soccer teams gather in Brazil this week, meet Latin America's first woman referee to break into the top ranks of men's soccer.

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* GOT A SMOKE? For her story about Canada's smoking restrictions, Toronto-based Ruth Walker went out to look at warning labels on cigarette packs. She found what she needed at the local newsstand. The cigarettes were in a rack in the back of the stand but "the labels are large enough so that they are clearly visible from several feet away," says Ruth. But as a nonsmoker, working for a newspaper that doesn't accept advertising from tobacco companies, she opted not to buy a pack, even for research purposes. "I wasn't sure how that would look on my expense report." The woman behind the counter, also a nonsmoker, kindly lent Ruth a pack for closer inspection.


*COUPLE CONQUERS SOUTH POLE: Mike and Fiona Thornewill became the first married couple to walk the 730-mile journey to the South Pole on Jan. 4. Mrs. Thornewill and Catherine Hartley also hold the honor of being the first women to accomplish the feat. The British couple, part of a nine-person team, started walking on Nov. 5. They pulled sledges behind them and endured temperatures as low as minus 54 degrees F. "We have come back with a far deeper understanding of one another having shared something so demanding," Mr. Thornewill told the Daily Telegraph. Perhaps it was just the elixir of victory talking, but he added: "It would be great to repeat our feat at the top of the world."

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