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Six days into 2000, and all looks safe and sound. But don't tell that to Bruce Beach of Horning's Mills, Ontario. He has buried 42 school buses underground to form a labyrinthine bunker. Just in case the end is near - as he anticipates - he hopes the shelter can house 500 people. The facility includes air vents, a nursery, a dentist's chair, and a soundproof room for people to let off aggression, just in case the close quarters get a bit too close.


Claiming the strange dark shells floating with the flakes and nuts in their cereal were actually sawtoothed beetles, a Vermont couple is seeking $120,000 in damages. Michael and Frances Concoran are suing the Kellogg Co. of Battle Creek, Mich., charging that a box of its cereal purchased in 1997 led to a kitchen of insects and a nine-month battle against infestation. Bugged by the bad publicity, the cerealmaker is denying responsibility.

Nevada's new-housing boom mirrors population growth One of the least-populated states in the country is home to some of its fastest-paced housing growth. Nevada witnessed a 47.8 percent increase in its new-unit construction rate between 1990 and 1998, according to the Census Bureau. No state comes close to matching the state's building rate, but a glance at the Top 10 indicates a lot of home construction is focused in Western states. The growth leaders, based on percentage increase in new housing units from April 1, 1990, to July 1, 1998:

1. Nevada 47.8%

2. Utah 22.1%

3. Idaho 21.8%

4. Arizona 20.8%

5. Georgia 20.7%

6. North Carolina 19.5%

7. South Carolina 18.2%

8. New Mexico 18.1%

9. Oregon 17.4%

10. Washington 17.4% Associated Press

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