A poetic flock of birds

Over the ages, birds have symbolized our sentiments and traditions. The stork. The dove. The partridge (in the pear tree). Can you identify these fluent fliers?


I don't need a megaphone,

My call can echo far from


How fortunate and opportune,

For me to hear me still in tune!


I squawk

I talk,

I even sing.

I drop my head and fold a wing.

Aren't I the actor? And the ham?

To chase you off my eggs 'n' sand.


I glide. I glare.

From miles of air.

I swoop for lunch - a bass,


A fishing pole I'll never need.


I'm stick and tired of living on lawns,

With just one leg to stand on.

A mower's a friend for only a day,

a clip, a snip,... then he's gone.


I've never been flighty,

But flirty, oh yes!

And squawkin' and talkin'

For crackers, no less.


They say I'm the source

Of a song I don't sing,

And a dive I don't do,

'Cause I'm too short of wing.


(1) loon; (2) killdeer; (3) eagle; (4) flamingo; (5) parrot; (6) swan.

(c) Copyright 1999. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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