E.T. Ray of Ogden, Utah, asks, 'Whatever happened to...?'

Singer Vic Damone

Vic Damone first wowed audiences in 1947. Damone was a high school dropout supporting his family when he gave an impromptu performance for Perry Como in an elevator.

"My mom thinks I can sing," he told Como. "Would you listen and tell me if I have talent?"

Como's encouragement inspired Damone to enter a talent search where he was discovered by Milton Berle. He produced a string of hit singles including "I Have But One Heart" and "On the Street Where You Live," and starred in the MGM musical "Rich, Young and Pretty," among others. But Damone filed for bankruptcy in 1971.

After years of performing in Las Vegas, Damone is back in the national spotlight. Roy Hemming and David Hajdu, authors of "Discovering Great Singers of Classic Pop," claim that Damone's "best performances are unquestionably his work today." Damone credits his enduring talent to a spiritual renewal he found through the Bahai faith.

Today he has a busy tour schedule and several recent "Best of ..." CDs. Damone returned to Lafayette High School in 1997 to collect his diploma.

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