Teen Flix

American Pie (R) A crude joke pulls in $102 million.

Cruel Intentions (R) Bad career move for TV's 'Buffy.'

Drive Me Crazy (PG-13) Believe the title; it will.

Drop Dead Gorgeous (PG-13) Beauty pageant gone way wrong.

Election (R) Dark comedy lights up high school.

The Faculty (R) Confirms 'don't trust the teachers.'

Light It Up (R) At only $5.6 million b.o., it didn't.

Never Been Kissed (PG-13) No, you can't go back to teendom.

She's All That (PG-13) 'Pygmalion' plot had its moments.

Teaching Mrs. Tingle (PG-13) Helen Mirren wasted (in two ways).

Ten Things I Hate About You (PG-13) Shakespeare's 'Taming of a Teen.'

Varsity Blues (R) 'Dawson's Creek' meets football.

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