Reader Favorites

Reader Favorites

We asked readers to name the film they enjoyed most this year and briefly tell why. Responses were sometimes surprising, but always thoughtful and enthusiastic.

Here's a sampling of what you told us.

'The Sixth Sense' It kept my attention from beginning to end, which was a surprise. - Pat Norby

'The Matrix' Original storytelling. Excellent special effects that support the narrative, not overwhelm it. I love a good allegory. - Todd Goldman

'The Straight Story' It had the most truthful and insightful things to say about the human condition. Beautiful cinematography as well. It was truly a wonderful and daring leap for [director David] Lynch.... - Thomas Young

'An Ideal Husband' Each character learned lessons that helped them to be better individuals. Integrity wins in the end. Funny. Funny. Funny. Great entertainment. - Richard Douglas

'The Mummy' 100 percent entertaining! Well-paced, silly action-adventure without any delusions of grandeur. - Bill Cove

'Cookie's Fortune' Saw it twice - great acting, clever plot, subtle humor. I cared about the characters. Excellent entertainment. - Susan Bradway Morrisville, Pa.

'Three Kings' Unexpectedly brilliant. Flawed but powerful, it's also the most realistic portrait of Arabs ever seen in an American movie. - T.J. Blaine

'American Beauty' It made me think, and it made me feel.... I couldn't shake the feeling it left me with for weeks. It made me want to create beautiful things. - Sharon Sensor

'Princess Mononoke' [Hayao] Miyazaki's [animation] is fluid and incredibly detailed.... The well-crafted plot actually is complex, deep.... The characters are believable and developed. - Franz Fuchs

Music of the Heart' I like true stories - especially those about compassionate, loving people overcoming difficulties. - Vonne A. Heninger Lake Almanor, Calif.

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