William Farber on ....

Those who came to me, came with some inner flame; It has been my mission to nurture, to feed that flame, and at all costs never to kill it."

When a student calls and wants to talk, I tell them to come over right now. I find a student is conditioned to want to get help. They may not the next day. If you have them come right then, it is a great advantage."

The keys to a happy, acceptable, and productive existence are participation, involvement, and concern for others."

To broaden one's horizons, travel and experimentation and bold thinking must be the goals."

I think the key is you just have to like or appreciate students. You see in the new generation there is a hope for what can happen in this world. If we don't do something about it, Egads! That is our foremost need: to have people who are inspired and who have a mission."

In almost every student, I see myself."

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